Bus rapid transit BRT

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), sometimes also called the Metropolitan Bus (Metro Bus), bus or surface metro is a quick bus or trolley bus transport system in urban areas. Typical for this system are short connection intervals, large-capacity vehicles and reserved driving lanes or, for that matter, special roads. They usually comprise trunk public transport routes, just like the metro. Its advantage is high capacity and speed comparable to transport by rail or metro, but with much lower construction requirements.

The closed character of the transport space and emphasis on quick and mass check-in require the use of a specific fare collection system. Mikroelektronika has rich experience as a BRT ticketing systems provider. The BRT requirements are taken into consideration already during the development of products or we develop entirely specialized devices for this kind of transport. For instance, turnstiles, gates, barriers or stationary validators. Also important is the architecture of the entire system, which should take the needs into account and utilise the advantages of BRT.

Ticketing devices for BRT

For BRT, the so-called off-board or stationary fare collection equipment is suitable, which prevents delays caused by slow embarkation and disembarkation of passengers. Usually, these are turnstiles, gates or stationary validators. All this equipment may be used to mark travel tickets, validate contactless cards, make payment by bank card, read 2D codes or use other media. For distribution of the travel documents are used  ticket vending machines that also allow recharging of travel documents or information services. Unlike the on-board equipment, they offer greater robustness, resistance to weather and vandalism. It is further possible to supply also manned equipment, recharging validators and naturally the back office.

BRT ticketing system

Thanks to the possibility for control of entrance and exit from paid zone, BRT most often uses the Check-In/Check-out principle, which is capable of calculating the fare on the basis of the distance travelled or just check the validity fare document when leaving the paid zone. The travel documents may be based on time validity, number of pre-paid journeys or pre-paid amount. All in combination with validity for given zones, lines or even specific stations.

Stanice povrchového metra BRT 

Turnstile row for mass BRT systems

Turnstile with ticket 2D code reader


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