Advanced quality control

We are aware that electrotechnical industry consists of various branches. That is why we are capable of offering special services and setting up specific quality processes to ensure that development, production, after sale and other services are provided in managed environment.

Whether you deal with energetics, telecommunications, medical applications, laboratories or whether you require fulfilling specific principles for automotive or other special electronics, contact us and we will convice you about our abilities.

We have longtime experience with project management which we use during custom made electronics projects. We practise methods such as APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning). Not only that we can verify the design for manufacturability with so called DFM analysis, but we are able to ensure necessary procedures for preparation of serial production.This means approval of samples with ISIR and similar reports or setting checking operations and calibration of measuring devices. During following mass production we keep maintaining and improving all operations.

We can guarantee that your requirements will be met not only by us but also in our supply chain.

Certification, sampling, tests, analysis

Thanks to our own development department and testing department we dispose both with own and external capacities for testing and certifications. We provide climatic, vibration or electric tests, certifications and approvals. Detailed information concerning testing can be found in Checking and testing chapter.


If required we are able to provide full traceability of entire production with usage of 2D codes. This requires minimum space of 7x7 mm for labels.

ISO 27001 in CME

By managing of all documentation, special communication methods and setting other precautions, we can fulfill requirements for the handling of sensitive  information of customers.

Product Change Notification

We prepare change notifications for customers who require monitoring of changes in materials and components.

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